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5 Tips to Selecting the Best Sportswear

During exercises, many people like to look stylish and sexy at the same time while being able to stretch and move around. Achieving all these makes choosing good sportswear clothes or shoes hard. You might think practicality and style doesn’t go along well. But, you’re wrong because it does.

With a few tips here and there, your sportswear can be both sexy and functional. Here are tips to help you choose the best custom sportswear online in Australia and still be able to enjoy your sports activity:

Wear the Right Shoes

Wearing the right type of shoes can make a huge difference for athletes, runners or people into sporting activities. Even for weight lifters, wearing a good pair of shoes cushions and provides support that can raise back pressure to give you stability and grip.

You don’t have to purchase expensive shoes to achieve or find the right fitting shoes for the support you need while playing games or just exercising. Check for good shoes online or in shoe stores and compare the prices before making a purchase.

Purchase a Good Sports Bra

The need for a good sports bra for goes without saying. Invest in sports bra to hold and support your breasts while engaging in intensive sports. It doesn’t have to be pricy. Find one that can support your breasts and hold them in place so you can focus on your sporting activities.

A firmly supported and held chest can cause backaches. Besides, you wouldn’t like to jog or run while other people watch your breasts jiggle. Make sure you opt for the right bra for your bust size.

Wear a Sleeveless Top

The type of top you wear for your sporting activities depends on the type of sport you want to engage in and the type of weather on that particular day. Sleeveless tops are recommended for use in hot weather as they are comfortable. They don’t trap sweat against your body and cool in hot weather.

Most gyms are heated in winter and thus wearing a sleeveless top is recommended. A light jacket can also be worn on top of the sleeveless top and can be removed once you start feeling hot. The top should be short and made from a light material to facilitate movement.

Buy Good Bottoms

Sporting activities that involve leg usage such as running, jogging and cycling call for the use of fitting shorts or capris. They should neither be baggy nor loose. Gym or yoga pants are ideal for yoga, stretches, weightlifting and other activities that do not involve rapid movements. Elastic sportswear are the best because they’re comfortable and fit well.

Avoid Old and Baggy Sportswear

Some people wear the first clothes they see in their closets for workouts. Old sweatpants, baggy shorts, baggy PJ pants or ripped t-shirts are not the right clothes for sportswear. They can suck out your morale, leaving you unmotivated to engage in your favourite sporting activities.

Don’t wear baggy clothes in the gyms. They can catch weights, causing trips or falls. They also don’t provide enough support you need in certain parts of your body during sporting activities.

Try out different sportswear or sportswear outfits from various brands to find what’s ideal for your body size and shape, including what you want to engage in.

Reasons For Business T-shirt Printing In Australia

Are you running any business? If yes, you need to print your business t-shirts for several reasons explained below:

General Benefits

They are cheap to produce

However, this benefit depends on the order details. But if you choose the right technique and the correct number of t-shirts, you’ll realise that the production is relatively cheap. A good example is that you can incur fewer costs by screen printing several t-shirts using a simple design.

They are versatile

Business screen printing allows you to come up something awesome from scratch. Also, if you consider the current advances made in the inks and printing techniques, there are high chances to come up with endless possibilities.

Produced within the shortest time possible

If you sort out the printing technique and the design early, the process of the T-shirts can take the shortest time possible. Mostly, the production process finished even within a single night.

A wide range of choices

There is a favourite brand for you if you want a high-quality T-shirt coming at an affordable price.

Also, there is a brand for you if you want sustainably made garment. Currently, it is easier to come across your favourite since almost every clothing brand is printing T-shirts in Australia.

T-shirts As Uniforms

They save time

It is true that t-shirts save time. If you’re such an individual wearing the same clothes every day, no decision is required to be made about the outfit to go for.

They are comfortable

No clothing is quite comfortable as the t-shirt. This explains the main reason you’ll find the majority of people wearing them while going to sleep or while going to the gyms or while going to the office during the casual Fridays.

Creates a camaraderie feeling

Whenever you and your colleagues wear the same clothing, you feel like a team. As a result, a camaraderie feeling is enhanced amongst the members of an organisation.

They are recognised easily

Whenever you wear uniforms, it becomes easy for the team members and customers to remember you. If you want to create the best effect, it is essential to ensure that the chosen brand remains on point and it is in a position of being translated into various mediums.

They are safe

Whenever team members wear the same clothes, it prevents the strangers from infiltrating the premises. This is great, especially when organising for being events.

They reduce distractions

A standard t-shirt is in a position of preventing the coworkers from showing off more flesh that you would like to see.

They increase productivity

As said above, t-shirts reduce distractions and hence increasing the productivity level.

Prevents standing out of people

You’ll realise that whenever you wear the same clothing, no person will be identified as over or underdressed.

You can dress them down or up

You can easily pair your t-shirt with trouser for a formal look. Also, for a more relaxed office, you can wear them with a pair of shorts. Therefore, we can see that the t-shirts give rise to endless options.

They increase brand loyalty

The brand loyalty will be enhanced if a high-quality product is given out for free.  To earn trust for your business, consider giving your customers something for free.

A Few Tips On How To Save Money On Accommodation When Travelling

There is nothing more exciting than going on vacation or simply packing up and becoming a digital nomad. After all, you will be leaving behind what you know to explore other countries that may be completely different from your own. The world is such a huge melting pot of races, culture, food and landscapes, it truly has endless possibilities. However, travelling can become quite expensive and if you’re working with a strict budget, then you need to learn how to save money while you travel and make the most of that budget. So, we will be looking at a couple of tips that will help you to save money specifically on accommodation.

The first tip is that you should book your hotel a few months in advance. The sooner you book your hotel, the lower rates you will get. This is possible if you know that you will be travelling a month or few months ahead of time. There are lots of great online apps and websites that you can use such as Kayak that will help you to find the different rates for different hotels based on your visiting dates. By booking in advance, you can possibly save hundreds of dollars on your accommodation, which is definitely nothing to sniff at!

Another tip is to stay at a hostel instead of a hotel. Many people think that hostels are dangerous, but that isn’t necessarily true. Of course, it depends on the country that you’re visiting and the area in which you want to stay. However, if you’re visiting a western country and intend on staying in the urban areas, then hostels in these areas are generally quite safe. Also, you can do some research to find the most popular hostels and read up as many reviews as possible before determining whether it is safe enough for you. By staying in a hostel, you can potentially save hundreds and even thousands of dollars, depending on how long you’re staying in that country. It is also another great way to meet fellow travellers and make lots of new friends.

Thirdly, you can save money on accommodation by couch surfing instead of staying at a hotel or hostel. All you need to do is visit the official couch surfing website and search for hosts in the country and area you wish to stay. Of course, you will need to create a profile on the website and be sure to make the profile as thorough as possible. You should always look for popular hosts that have lots of positive reviews. By using couch surfing, you will be able to get accommodation for free or mostly for free in exchange for help around the home or simply being good guests.

In closing, we have just discussed how you can save money on your accommodation when travelling. Each of the above tips work quite well and it all depends on how you want to travel and how much money you’d like to save. However, all of the above tips require some planning, so be sure to figure out your accommodation as soon as you can to get the most savings.

How To Build A Cost Effective Custom Home

If you want to build your own home, you want the process to be cost effective. Your home can still look nice and serve you well if you save money on building it. Here are some tips so you can build a home on a budget and have it turn out nice.

You need to first figure out what the different building companies are in your area so you can figure out who you’re going to work with. You’re going to want to contact a few different companies before you get started with one so you can learn more about what they can do for you. You also need to contact companies to ask them what it’s going to cost to get their help with building your home. Get a rough idea of what a few different companies are going to charge and it will be easier to pick out someone to work with.

When designing your home, don’t cut too many corners to try and save a lot of money. You want the home to be in nice shape and to be built well. That way, it doesn’t cost you a lot of money in the future to repair it and keep up with it in general. If the home isn’t in that nice of shape when you’re done building it, then it will cost you. It’s best to have a nice home built that you know won’t need to be repaired so you can live in it comfortably without having to fix it up all the time.

You’re going to want to find someone that can design you a cost effective home. It’s important that you have the blueprints created by someone that is an expert at the process such as That way, you can tell them that you’re trying to save money and they can use that information to help them create a home for you that is not going to cost more than what your budget allows for. Have a couple of potential designs made if you can afford to so you can select what’s going to work best for you out of the options you have.

When you’re getting a home built, ask the company that’s helping you to build it to use materials that will save you money. While you don’t want to go with the cheapest materials, you also don’t have to go with the ones that cost a ton of money. You want them to use materials that are going to last and that will withstand years of you living in the home. But, you don’t want the materials to be so nice that they cost you a lot more for no reason other than that they look nicer.

Building a cost effective custom home is not too hard to do once you have the right assistance. There are a lot of people out there that can help you build a cost effective home. Use what you learned here and you should do just fine with all of this.

5 Ways to Easily Integrate Activity into Your Workday!


  1. Don’t sit on the phone walk with it!
    Instead of taking that phone call sitting down, get up and talk a walk, up and down the corridor, a few times up and down the stairs or if boardroom is empty take a few laps around the boardroom table!
  2. Step away from the Computer!
    When you are going to be in front of a computer for long periods of time take a few short breaks, go for a walk up and down the office stairs.
    Get a nice cool drink of water from the water fountain and give yourself a good long stretch, be sure to rotate those ankles and get the blood flowing!
  3. Take an Exercise Ball to Work!
    You don’t have to sit on the ball the whole day but research showed a vast improvement in both concentration and increased productivity at both schools and in an office environment where they implemented the use of Pilates Balls as desk chairs. It is also good for your posture, circulation, and balance.
  4. The Age Old Favourite- Take the Stairs whenever you can!
    If you are able to always take the stairs rather than an elevator as it is good for you legs and buttocks, it also good for your circulation and heart.
  5. Concentrate on your posture and Focus on your Breathing
    Keep both feet planted flat on the ground, suck in your tummy and pinch those butt cheeks, shoulders back and chest out. A good posture helps builds your core and strengthens your back and neck muscle which could also prevent pain in these areas that usually lead to bad headaches. Just in case you slouch again set reminders to pop up on your computer screens ever so often to remind you to straighten and tighten!

Simple changes to your daily routine are all it takes to start you on your way to a healthier fitter you.

Some Healthy Recipe Blogs worth a Look

Here are some Healthy Recipe Blogs with a host of delicious recipes that the whole family may enjoy.

  1. Make Healthy Normal
    Great mix of various dish choices plus great food calculators like how much of what should I be eating.
  2. Half Baked Harvest
    A log of inspirational dishes and a host of Vegan and Vegetable dishes
  3. Health for Happy
    A young food blogger with a zest for healthy creations that tickle the taste buds.
  4. Stone Soup
    Simple, quick, delicious healthy recipes.
  5. Breakfast Confidential
    Great food ideas, reviews, and various related information makes this one of our favourite food sites.
  6. Australian Healthy Food Guide
    Healthy Recipes and various Food Ideas

5 Healthier Ways to Cook those Family Favourite Meals

The worst part about getting healthy is that we have to give up all our favourite foods which usually works for about a week or two at the most before we are back to our old habits again. But eating healthy does not always mean we have to give up the foods we love but maybe just change the way we cook or prepare them! Here are some healthier alternatives to a few family favourites.

  1. Banana Pancakes
    Using Bananas, mashed with whisked eggs and you have a pancake batter that is sweet and a lot healthier. To give it an extra boost for more energy you can add some oats to the mixture.
  2. Cauliflower Mash
    Cauliflower as an alternative to mashed potato as it has lower calories and fewer carbohydrates. With a bit of added garlic, a touch of butter, salt, and pepper to taste and maybe some grated cheese over the top even the kids will eat it!
  3. Zucchini Mini Pizza’s
    Use Zucchini instead of a flour base to make mini pizza’s with various toppings, such as puree tomatoes, ham/pepperoni, and cheese.
  4. French Fries
    Instead of cutting these out of your diet altogether a healthier alternative is to bake them using coconut oil which gives them a crisp texture and adds a great flavour.

  1. Pasta Dishes
    there are various vegetables that are great pasta substitutes like Zucchini spirals for spaghetti, butternut squash instead of noodles for macaroni and spaghetti squash for various pasta dishes.

With a few simple changes to the way, we cook our favourite meals we are one step closer to achieving a healthier lifestyle.

BLOG: How to get involved

While MoneySmart Week may be over, there are numerous ways for organizations to continue to participate in the national effort to improve financial literacy, through the National Financial Literacy Strategy.

Any organization which is running, or thinking of running, a financial literacy program is encouraged to visit the National Financial Literacy Strategy website at and become a Supporter of the Strategy.

Organization are also encouraged to join ASIC’s Financial Literacy Community of Practice. To join, email your details to: Or to find out more about the Community of Practice, visit

Financial Literacy Australia will continue to run the Grants program and activities to help increase organizations’ capacity to deliver financial literacy programs. For more information on applying for grants visit and sign up for the newsletter to get updates.

NEWS: Changes to MSW

Following discussions with ASIC and a strategic review of the activities of Financial Literacy Australia (FLA), we have agreed that now is a sensible time to discontinue MoneySmart Week (MSW) in its current form. Instead ASIC will take advantage of opportunities to promote its financial literacy campaigns and engage stakeholders throughout the year, and provide a focal point for financial literacy in 2015.

This is welcome news. MoneySmart Week was launched to promote awareness of ASIC’s MoneySmart brand and to engage stakeholders in financial literacy. This objective has been achieved, and ASIC is committed to year-round financial literacy promotions and campaigns and engaging stakeholders across all sectors under the new National Financial Literacy Strategy.

Financial Literacy Australia will continue to work with ASIC to build on the foundations of MoneySmart Week in bringing all those who work across the financial literacy community together through working groups, events, the partnership network and the annual Awards.

The annual MoneySmart Week Awards were a highlight of the Week and brought people and organisations together from across sectors to share and celebrate Australia’s best financial literacy resources, programs and research. It is our intention to continue running these Awards, under a new name.

FLA believes that continuing the Awards program complements our work in delivering Financial Literacy Grants to the not-for-profit sector and as an organisation we will now sharpen our focus on efforts to build the capacity of people and organisations to advance financial literacy in Australia.

FLA remains deeply committed to advancing the financial literacy of all Australians and we hope you will stay in touch with us as we commence the next leg of this journey.