Integrity, a good reputation, and prominence in any undertaking like in a sport, places someone in a position where everyone could not help uttering praises of admiration, along with unexpected hugs, kisses and of course, flowers to symbolize their love for both the player and the sport he is good at. A person at this point serves as an inspiration in a lot of ways. Hard work, determination, courage, and perseverance are a few of the excellent characteristics that both adults and children should emulate from Paul Taylor, a Welsh lawn bowler who competed for Wales in the men’s triples at the 2014 Commonwealth Games where he won a bronze medal. Apart from that, he won five Welsh National Championships outdoor titles and finished runner three times.

A brief history of the sport

Roy J. Shephard, in his book entitled A History of Health and Fitness: Implications for Policy Today(2017), mentioned that lawn bowling had become prevalent  by the time of the Spanish Armada (1588 CE), and tradition suggests that Sir Francis Drake was engaged in such a game at Plymouth Hoe as he waited for the arrival of the Spanish fleet. He also added further in the same book that King Charles I was even allowed to enjoy the occasional game of lawn bowls while he was imprisoned in Carisbrooke Castle.

A family legacy

Just like any signature golf balls or shirts, let’s make an exception to Taylor Lawn Bowls. It has become the leading bowls innovator for nearly two hundred (200) years. Today, Taylor Bowls remain a Scottish Family business which was owned and run by the Taylor family for a hundred and ninety-six (196) years. Check here for where to buy Taylor Lawn bowls.

A quick guide on how lawn bowls are played

During a game, players deliver or roll their bowls up the green, in turn, trying to finish closest to a smaller white ball called a “Jack” or in some terms a “kitty.” A bowling green is normally square, and the Scottish Lawn Bowling Association say that it shall be not less than thirty-four (34) meters and no more than forty (40) meters in the direction of the play.

What are Taylor Lawn Bowls originally made of?

They were originally made from lignum vitae, a type of dense wood giving rise to the term “woods” for bowls, but are now more typically made of hard plastic composite material. Bowls were once only available in colored black or brown, but they are now available in a variety of different colors.

Types or kinds of Taylor Lawn Bowls

  • Taylor Lazer Bowls – this is a new feature to the Taylor Bowls. This bowl has the tightest draw of the range. It has a thin shape and is provided with Progrip dimples as standard, making it more stable to hold. It is in a perfect world fit to quickly paced surfaces and is most reasonable for indoor games and the more experienced player.
  • Taylor Vector VS Bowls – The Vector VS is the smash hit bowl for indoor games in the UK and is the top of the line bowl among our Australian clients. With a limited draw just somewhat more extensive than the Lazer, it is ideal for quick surfaces and indoor greens, having a delicate attraction to the jack with no snare toward the end, making it perfect for front end bowlers.
  • Taylor Ace Bowls – The Ace is a mid-predisposition bowl with a marginally more extensive illustration bend than the Vector, with no snare toward the completion. Suggested for all indoor and open-air surfaces, its slightly slower pace makes it reasonable for less-experienced players, just as experienced players, making it a standout amongst the most common dishes available.