MEDIA: Ambassador competition launch

Know someone whose savvy household money management has shifted them off struggle street? Feel like the School of Hard Knocks has taught you a thing or two about personal finance?  Then you, or someone you know, could become a MoneySmart Week Ambassador helping other Australians to get money smart.

Now in its third year, MoneySmart Week is launching a search for everyday Australians who have overcome money issues – and improved their overall financial wellbeing – in big ways or small.

“Whether it’s someone who has tackled a spiraling debt problem, sorted a stack of superannuation accounts, created a great way to budget and save, or someone who has benefited from good estate planning and appropriate insurances – we want to hear about it,” said Rebecca Glenn, Campaign Director for the annual MoneySmart Week.

“We all have some element of our finances we could improve. According to the latest ME Bank Household Financial Comfort Index (Dec 2013), only 49% of households typically spend less than they earn in any given month, so activating more people to improve their money management could benefit millions of Australians.

“We know that hearing first-hand about the experience of someone in a similar situation to you can be a powerful motivator for making positive change,” said Ms Glenn.

“That’s why this year, we’re searching the country for MoneySmart Week Ambassadors with inspiring stories to tell. Not only will Ambassadors win a reward for their efforts, they’ll have the satisfaction of knowing they’re encouraging others to learn from their experiences.”

Winners of the Ambassador Competition will tell their story via the MoneySmart Week website and other media, and will receive a $1,000 gift card, travel to and two nights accommodation in Sydney, and VIP tickets to the MoneySmart Week Awards dinner.

MoneySmart Week will kick off on 1 September 2014 and is set to be a jam-packed week full of news, events and activities to motivate more people to take simple steps that will make a positive difference to their finances.  National and local partners such as financial institutions, community organisations, local councils, federal government departments and others, will be running workshops and other events that will help all Australians tackle their money challenges.

If you or someone you know is ‘money smart’, visit to enter.



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